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New development by KTR: passive floating caliper brake with split pads

Rheine, 21.10.2015 – KTR extended their portfolio of hydraulic brakes by another size. The new KTR-STOP® XL generates clamping forces up to 600 kN, can be used in the low temperature range down to – 40 °C and is suitable for applications in the Offshore sector. The split brake pads of the passive floating caliper brake generate a high percentage contact area and can be set when being pressurized. KTR will introduce the brake system on the occasion of Europort in Rotterdam (hall 1, booth 409) for the first time.

The split brake pads of the hydraulically operated KTR-STOP® XL generate a high percentage contact area, thus having a low surface pressure. As a result the coefficient of friction rises with the braking force increasing. The passive floating caliper brake is fully made of steel, has a weight of approx.1,100 kg and generates clamping forces up to 600 kN.

The brake pads are available in »organic« or »powder metal« material. To facilitate the replacement of pads on the side which is often difficult to access, the pads on the fixed caliper side are fastened with magnets.

For that purpose it is only necessary to unscrew the screws located on the sides, the pad retainers are removed and the pads are pulled out sidewards. Another special technical feature are the setting screws installed in the brake pistons: If the brake pads have worn off, they allow for fast setting or re-setting with pressurized condition. KTR-STOP® XL can be used in the low temperature range down to – 40 °C. For applications in the Offshore sector the new high-performance brake is provided with a respective corrosion protection. In addition all vital components are fully encapsulated. The new KTR-STOP® XL closes the power range between sizes L and XXL. Thereby KTR has an extensive portfolio of hydraulically operated, passive floating caliper brakes with a continuous performance range of a clamping force from 2 to 1,400 kN.

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