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Sumitomo Machinery Launches New Version of PT Units

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), US headquarters for Sumitomo Drive Technologies, has now released Version 1.2 of its popular PT Units mobile app. This popular power-transmission industry mobile app has a newly updated user interface and is now optimized for the latest versions of the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems and displays. Originally launched in 2012, PT Units offers three main functions: converting units, contacting Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ sales representatives, and connecting to Sumitomo’s web resources. Version 1.2 expands the features available in all three of those functions.

The unit converter quickly and accurately converts between commonly used units of power, torque, force, temperature, fluid volume, mass, length, and newly added units: linear velocity, pressure and stress, and moment of inertia. Additional options available in this function include copying the resulting conversion text and pasting it into other applications, as well as setting the default units upon launching PT Units.

The contact function enables users to locate a Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ sales representative by navigating to find their location, or using their device’s built in “current location” feature to obtain the nearest representative’s contact information. PT Units Version 1.2 has expanded the contact search area. Now users can search globally for a representative in 6 continents (excluding Antarctica). This function also enables users with a Smart Phone to contact representatives in customer service via phone or email and tablet users via email.

The web function for Version 1.2 allows users with a data-network connection to navigate through Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ new global web site, which is now optimized for mobile devices, for product data, industry-specific information and white papers. They may also use the provided links to visit the company’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Designed to assist the power transmission and controls industry, PT Units is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese and now Korean and Chinese.

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