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Hansen Industrial Gearboxes – P4 Single Stage Gear Units


The Hansen P4 Single Stage gearbox is available in 5 different sizes, ranging from 40,000in-lbs (4.5kNm) to 489,000 in-lbs (55kNm) torque and with a power rating of up to 7,000kW. To complement the Hansen P4 Multistage gear units, Hansen has introduced a brand-new and innovative range of single stage gear units, suitable for various applications requiring small reduction ratios, such as paper machines, pumps, compressors, etc.

Features of P4 Single Stage Units:

  • Balance between mechanical, thermal and bearing rating for all ratios results in a new and more logical approach to size selection.
  • Enlarged housing and increased shaft height.
  • Housing can accommodate gear sets with different center distances.
  • Two mounting positions: shafts in horizontal plane (=standard) but also possible in vertical plane (high speed shaft above low speed shaft).
  • Specific macro gear geometry reduces power losses, noise and vibration level.
  • Oil Lock TM system is the standard sealing arrangement/method for both input and output shafts.
  • Tapered roller bearings fitted into a rigid monolithic housing absorb the high internal gear forces.
  • Oversized inspection cover.
  • Easily accessible taper roller bearings.
  • Optional extra service cover for checking lower inside parts.
  • Easy gear replacement.
  • Large mounting pads.
  • Total oil evacuation possible on all sides.
  • Options for improved protection such as labyrinth sealing, anti-dust or anti-moisture breather.
  • Special coatings.