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WY (IE1) Low-Voltage High Output Motors

WY (IE1) Low-Voltage High Output Motors



WY series motor is three phase standard efficiency induction cast iron motors. It’s the new replacement of Y series and its efficiency indicators are in compliance with IE1.
Compared with Y series, WY series motor boasts the advantages of high efficiency and high starting torque, with lower noise, optimized structure and artistic outline.
The rated output and the mounting dimensions are fully conformed to the standard IEC and DIN 42673( the same as Y series) ,WY series motors are suitable for driving various machines or equipments without special requirements.

Characteristics for all WONDER standard 3-Phase asynchronous motors

Widely applied in general machinery and industries such as pumps & water treatment, road machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy,cement and paper-milling.

·IP55 protection, Class F insulation, B Temperature rise, S1 duty,

·Rated voltage 400V, Rated frequency 50Hz.

·Operation conditions: ambient temperature:-20℃~40℃, altitude≤1000m.